How to SEO optimize your granny flat images on a website

Just like text information, images play a very important role when it comes to SEO. Incorporating images on your site will not only make it more appealing, but can also give more information concerning what you do. Here are some of the things to help improve your image optimization

Name your images

You actually won’t wait to be reminded that all the images you use have to be named. The names you come up with for those images should also be simple enough, preferably English names. If you get the images on the web, you can still add the URL or site the name where you got the image from.

Keywords can also be very important in naming your images. You can come up with the most effective keywords among your target group to name your images

Image dimensions

Using large images can be ambiguous; you therefore need to incorporate sizable images that both desktop and mobile users can easily access. If you are marketing a product, then it is important that all the images sides should be displayed. This is the only way you can show both the interior and outer part where the product description can easily be read. Remember that large images can also reduce the page loading time. This can be very dangerous since nobody will wait for minutes for a mere image to load.

High quality images

It is also important that you incorporate quality images on the web. This will be important for both google and mobile users. The best image to use has to be clear from a distance, with no straining at all. To achieve this, you need to use high quality cameras to come up with these images. If you get the images from online sites, ensure you download only high quality images to user on your site

Reduce your image sizes

Web users can only take up to 3 seconds for a page to load. If the page loading takes more that this they can always have an alternative of loading to other websites. Remember that google also uses this page loading speed factor to rank your website. When a customer visits your site, the size of your images is what determines how fast they can be able to gain access. You therefore need to decrease your image sizes for the web pages to load faster.

Decorative images

Most websites usually have decorative images including backgrounds, borders and buttons. Basically, anything that is not related to your product can qualify as a decorative image. Most of these images can be very important in making your website more appealing, but they can also reduce the time taken for users to log into your page. You therefore should be keen enough when using these images to increase the possibility of users who log into your page to log out when they are already customers

You can achieve this by reducing the size of these images.

How To Get The Best Shots Of Your Granny Flat When Advertising It For A Site

Granny flats are becoming one of the most sought out construction plans in most homes these days. They offer the perfect secondary living quarters for you or any visitor that come to your house. The easy plan and build costs make them even cheaper than other housing options. The increase of demand for such houses has greatly influenced the sprouting and growth of granny flat construction business.

There have been hundreds of sites that have come up from construction companies trying to advertise their services. If you are thinking of starting one of your own, you are going to need several photos for your site to showcase to clients. As such, you will need to have very high-quality photos since sites require such for better user experience.

The following are some ways to get high-quality photos of your granny flat for you site:

Use Low Resolution

When it comes to websites, there is a difference in the kind of resolution that is needed for photo to look perfect on the site. Therefore, you need to ensure that the camera you are using is not a high-resolution camera. The recommended resolution is 1280 and 960 pixels. Therefore, you need to get the right equipment for the job. This should help you get high-quality photos while at the same time ensuring that the size remains small.


The light of the surrounding matters a lot when it comes to high-quality photos. Since you are going to advertise them on your site, you cannot afford shadows. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have the light coming from behind you not the granny flat. This will ensure that your camera is not blinded and the granny flat is well showered in sunlight. Only use a flash if you need to or better yet use a fill flash.

Photo Focus And Composition

In most cases, the kind of photos that you will need for the site will need to show as much detail as possible. Therefore, you need to ensure that you use the right camera. Digital cameras are designed to ensure that your photos are in focus. However, the focus might not be the best. Therefore, you need to ensure that you can focus your camera. The best photos for sites are usually close up photos, so ensure that most of the photo you take are of this nature so that the user can zoom in easily for fine details. Avoid long-distance photos since they don’t become finer when you zoom in on a site.


When taking photos of people the best way to improve the quality of the photo by lowering your camera to your chest. This will bring out better photos. Therefore, you need to ensure that you try out different photo taking techniques for your granny flat to find the perfect angle for the best shots. Lastly, take many photos so that you can easily pick the best.